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Get more money for your e-scrap.

We've changed the game, and you're the winner. We connect you with top dollar buyers for your e-scrap loads, guaranteed. Together, we'll get you 20-50% more for the loads you're already shipping, boosting your revenues and cutting out the middlemen who are stealing your profit.

Our network of the most reputable R2 Recyclers in the industry pay top dollar for commodities and ensure that your e-scrap material is being recycled responsibly and transparently while maximizing your profits. Let's revamp how you do business.

A better way awaits you.

Show us a recent settlement report or a typical load for a customized quote. We'll beat the other guys every time. More money for the loads you're already shipping, because we've revamped the way you recycle. 

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A better way to recycle is here.

It's time to fire your middleman. 

Do you know what happens when you sell a load of e-scrap? Usually it gets immediately re-sold for a whole lot more than you were paid for it. That's because you're probably selling to a middleman who undercuts you to maximize their profits. 

We didn't think that's very fair, so we flipped that model on it's head - we revamped how the industry works. We connect you directly to the big guys who are paying the top dollar, cutting out the middleman and diverting their profits directly to you. 

We'll help you maximize your profit, recycle responsibly with the best R2 Recyclers in the industry, and get the best compensation possible for your commodities and time. 


It's time to make more on your e-scrap shipments. Let us help.

The Revamped Difference

We'll give you a quote for the commodities you sell. Give us a recent settlement, or just an example of a typical shipment. 

When you're ready to ship, we'll organize the truck, connect you to the highest paying vendor, and help you maximize profitability.

You get paid top dollar for your

e-scrap with no additional work and we'll send you a fully transparent settlement report.

"Working with the Revamped Recycling team really opened our eyes to how much we were missing out on our e-scrap loads. Since working with them, we've gotten more for each shipment and they've made it easy every step of the way." 
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